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Fear is the only reliable way!

NAME: Azula Ixia Ozai
AGE: She is in reality over 3.25 millennia old, but she is in the form of a 17 1/2year old girl as a result of her punishment/banishment.
GENDER: Female
EYES: Azula has hazel eyes, that has a green tinge to them. They are the feature that will more times often than not, give away her identity while in a disguise. They are angular, and she occasionally wears dark makeup to outline her eyes and give a more intimidating affect.
HAIR: Azula has brown hair, that she usually ties up in the back, while letting her bangs hang to the side to her face, looking angular and overall framing her facial appearance. She does let it down, sometimes and it appears to reach to the bottom of her shoulder blades.
SPECIAL FEATURES: Azula has no special features, except maybe her overall look, which can easily intimidate people, and gives her the air of leadership and high class.
CURRENT PLACE OF RESIDENCE: Demigod village. (Previously Olympus)

PARENTS: Azulas parents are Mania and Ares. Ares is the Greek god if battle and war, fire and revenge. He has a short temper and doesn't like Azula at all, calling her a mistake. Mania is one if the Greek goddesses of magic and is also the goddess of madness, and mental illnesses. She loves azula, calling her the 'golden child of mania' though she forced azula to do things occasionally
RELATIVES: Azula only has one living relative, and that is her daughter, Chloe.

POWERS: Azula previously had all the power of a god, but now that she is a mortal, her powers have been reduced. However, they are more powerful than an ordinary demigod. She had PryoK, but the flames she creates are not orange, red, or yellow. Instead they are blue, or sometimes white. She also has electroK, and is a master in both these arts. She also has a good memory, almost photographic but not quite. She is also a master in martial arts and hand to hand combat.

PERSONALITY: Azula had a very diverse personality, but it is mostly on the dark, cruel, and evil side.

Happy; Azula is rarely happy, and often fakes her happiness to deceive others. When she is happy, or faking, her hair is let down for the most part, or at least her bangs are not in front of her face. The only current happiness is her daughter, Chloe.

Sad: Azula is NEVER sad. Even when she killed thousands as a goddess she never once stopped and cried over what she had done.

Angry: Azula when angry, is a force no one wants to be around. She will go to any measure to take revenge, and will never listen to reason. She's a murderous cold blooded killed, not stopping for a while and destroying any living thing in her path.

Neutral: When AZULA is in this state, which is her most common she is on the outside looking very calm an collective, while deciding and strategizing every possible kill move she could make before you could react.

These are only the major emotions of AZULA, there are many more, too many to list though.

WEAPON: Azulas weapon is primarily her hands, though she does carry two actual weapons. One is a knife, currently celestial bronze (mania gives her a gold one later) that is very sharp and slim. She easily hides it, in places no people check usually, like her hair, or in her clothes. Literally sewn into her clothes. The knife is a dark color, the handle painted black with magical spells carved into it. Her second weapon is a collapsible staff, made of Stygian iron and has a concealed razor blade at both ends. It is black as night and is covered in powerful curses and hexes, written in it by mania and Hecate themselves.

FIGHTING STYLE: Azulas fighting style is mostly hand to hand combat, or using her powers. She is a master of martial arts, which often give her the edge over less skilled opponents. She is a highly skilled sword artist too, and many other weapons. She has great accuracy with weapons such as a handgun, or bow. She occasionally uses gymnastics in her fighting too.

FLAWS: Azula is insane, very insane. She often changed her mind, an is subject to common dots of anger or sadness.
SYMBOL: Azulas symbol, which she has tattooed to her left shoulder, and on her main weapon is a cobras head, the hood flaring. Surrounding this good is a circle of lighting, with flames on the god itself. Across the bottom it says 'insanity' in Latin.

HISTORY: It was a dark night in Sparta, many, many years ago. Mania was a young and charming, yet gothic goddess. She was coming back from Hecate's temple and met ares. Ares impressed mania, and they courted for a mere month before mania caught him cheating and broke up with him. In retaliation, he raped mania, and impregnated her. Mania was horrified that she was pregnant, but eventually decided to go through with it and give birth to a charming, kind child. She didn't know how wrong she was going to be. Artemis, the goddess of childbirth and Hecate, helped mania give birth to azula. However, ares appeared and attempted to kill the offspring, never have wanting her in the first place. Luckily, Artemis saved Azula. Mania knew ares would come again, and only had AZULA with her for three years until she gave the young girl to Athena.

Young Azula
Athena raised azula to be a great scholar and student. She always did as she was told and was one if the smartest minor deities, becoming the goddess of violent and destructive battle strategy, because of the influence ares had in her creation.

Student Azula

Around the middle of the time she spent with Athena she was allowed to go to the underworld, where she met her mother again and was instructed by Hecate in magic. It was also around this time that Azula began to study insanity, and learned what ares had done to mania. She swore revenge and returned to Athena, with great improvement in many of her combat areas. Athena did not realize this improvement to be caused by natural mental instability. Athena and azula were close, not only as teacher and student, but as best friends too. However, Azula was a teen in god standards and snuck out to a party hosted by Aphrodite, the goddess of love. At first Azula was simply going to pass the party, and return to her room but she caught sight of a particular demigod, a demigod named Christian, son of Aphrodite. Azula danced with him, and got drunk with him and it blossomed into a romantic relationship. Athena was not pleased that azula had started dating, but did not object even if she did know the pain Christian would cause Azula.

AZula and Christian dated for some time before he proposed to her, after discovering he had gotten her pregnant on one of the drunk nights. Azula didn't realize he was cheating on her, and agreed to marry him. It was perfect to azula, but her life was about to come crumbling down.

On the day of the wedding azula walked down the aisle, wearing an amazing white dress made by Aphrodite and Athena, in a joint collaboration for once. However, the ceremony didn't go well. First of all, Christian was late, and he wasn't dressed for the wedding. When he and azula were asked if they would take each other in marriage, he declined and stabbed Azula in the stomach with a poison dagger. Azula collapsed to the ground and he told her he had been cheating all the time on her before he ran off. The die was cast now, for Azulas big change. The poison on the dagger wouldn't kill azula, but it would kill the child. In a rush to preserve Azulas sanity and the child, Artemis, Hera, mania, and Athena tried to save the child, but it was too late. Nothing could be done.

Azulas mental state suffered greatly from that, and began to hate Aphrodite with all her soul. She resigned from her classes and asked Athena for some time off. Athena, feeling her favorite pupils pain let her take a vacation, and told her she would always be there for her. Azula left, and went to the underworld where she talked with her mother some more, and became friends with Lethe, Styx, melinoe, Persephone, and many other underworld gods and goddess of all rankings.

Eventually azula returned to the surface and went to London, where Christian now lived with his wife and child. It was a rainy night, but azula endured it as she broke into there home. She killed Christian, his wife, and there 6 month old daughter before burning the house and killing his father, and his wife's existing family. She was ruthless, leaving behind fires of destruction. Zues knew he had to stop her, and had her arrested. It wasn't easy though, for azula took our Hermes and Apollo, before Athena finally convinced her to face trial, and would act as her lawyer to preserve the friendship they had built over the countless years.

Dike was fair on azula, but seeing as she had brutally killed many, even after her fair share of good work, she would be sent to Tartarus. But, before the sentencing could be complete, Athena stepped in and explained her mental condition, which got her to an asylum instead.

Azula and Athena frequently had talks while she was in the asylum, but the rest of the gods of all nations hated her, and had warrants for her execution. While in the asylum, azula met terian, and they dated for a short time before he was released. Azula was released soon after and became the goddess of insanity, and began her reign of terror! She was soon known in every nation as the blue devil, due to her signature blue flames. She found terian again, and they dated for a while longer, until they secretly married.

The secret marriage was tough, as mania was trying to get azula to marry Erebus, in order to enhance the bloodline. Azula refused to marry him, until she was absolutely ordered to marry him or face execution for her crimes. She married Erebus, but despised him. She was always away from him, and with terian, except when he forced her to stay. He forcefully made her give birth, resulting in two demons, Katar and siry. Katar ad siry, were given to the furies for training into war machines. Azula, broke up with Erebus after finding him cheating and ran to terian, instantly making the marriage of them known. They moved in together, and were happy. Azula even gave him a child, a little boy whom terian raised while azula was in her asylum. It wasn't long until the boy grew up and moved away, creating his own family.

Little did azula know, that zues was plotting her demise, and set a trap for her. He set it up so it looked like azula was assaulting Hera, and banished her to Mexico, where she met her step sister Selena, and they became enemies. Azula made her way back, to find that everyone had thought her dead and terian was dating someone else. Azula decided to leave it like that and changed her name, going back to Athena for a time. However zues was well aware azula was back and set her up again, this time with Artemis. Although artemis denied it to save azula, zues wouldn't listen at all. Azula was banished again, this time to calypsos island. She remained there for a few hundred years until she came back and attacked zues.

Azula had another trial, but instead of simply banishing her again, he made her a mortal and forced her to live on earth, banishing her from Olympus and hell. She is currently on earth, being hunted by the embodiments, who want to imprison her in their temple.

RP EXAMPLE: Azula walked down the hall, flanked by two embodiments who constantly checked her cuffs, making sure they were secure. She smirked, knowing well enough she could break loose, but decided to see what they wanted. She was led into a white room, with only a table and a few chairs. Azula was led to one of the chairs, while the embodiments sat across from her. After a moment of silence azula spoke "well, looks like we meet again"

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Though therp example lacks detail the other parts of the form gain my respect back so this may pass as approoved

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