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Post by Monroe on Tue Feb 12, 2013 9:48 pm

Cassandra Goldmyre Katniss
Full name: Cassandra Goldmyre
Grade: 9th grade(Freshmen)
Godly parent: Apollo
Mortal parent: Siriah Goldmyre
Distinguishing marks?: She has a heart birth mark on her shoulder and a cut on her shoulder from her older brother(who died...)
Powersners: Sge can heal sma wounds, minor diseases and cuts that are 1 inch deep. She can also make medicine and her singing voice if she hits a high note can poison someone. All limited to five tines
Personality: She's relaxed and doesn't act her age but much older. She's quiet and mysterious and tells nothing
Weapon: a golden head ban that turns into a bow and gives her magical bows. Out of the twelve,Two that can turn into fire when she shoots it.
Country of origin:USA
Flaws(three): She's shy, afraid of dying and has a quick temper
Talents: Singing! And archery
History: Apollo met Cassamdra's mom at a bar. She was with a cover band. Apollo thought she looked like Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie in one body. He instantly fell in love. But Siriah didn't want him. She was already in love with the lead guitarist. It made him mad and he killed the guitarist and chased Siriah to a parking lot where he... Made love to her against her will. Once Siriah was pregnant she was planning on getting an abortion. Until two famous actors wanted to adopt get baby. And they did.

Cassandra wasn't the child the actors imagined. She was modest and didn't really care much about who her parents was. They'd take her to all types of events and when she went to school( a public one because she chose to go there), the kids would hound her about it. There was only one time Cassandra showed emotion and it was when her older brother, Julius died. She never expresses herself. Cassandra never asked for anything for her birthday except a horse( which Apollo purposely sold to her parents, it was a Pegasus). That was the one thing that made her happy. She didn't like school but she got okay grades. She was interested in her fencing and archery class. She only liked to sing to herself.
Rp example: Cassandra slowly walked to school. The weird sma dude was freaking her out. If she had her ow and arrow she would've shoot him. But she didn't have it, she turned around and yelled," Who are you!"

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Post by Zach on Mon Feb 18, 2013 1:20 am

Bigger personality

Makenzie lee pagano Frazier, age 16, daughter of ah puch, sophomore, half blind

Tony stark, age 36, son of athena, occasional teacher, married to Marilyn Monroe

Markus Patrick, age 15, freshman, son of athena, single

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