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Post by Zach on Sun Feb 10, 2013 8:10 pm

"my dads Ah Puch, he's basically a zombie king. So what am I? A zombie princess"

Name: Mackenzie lee Frazier (AKA Snake Fang)
Age: 15 1/2
Gender: female
Eyes: blue/black
Hair: brown
Skin Tone: tan
Race: Mayan and Japanese/American
God|Titan|Primordial Parent: Ah Puch (Aztec/Mayan god of death)
Mortal Parent: all she knows about her mortal parent is that she was Japanese
Important people to her: Snake eyes, her master and leader of the dojo. Storm shadow, she sees him privately for extra archery and shrukin training, no one knows she does this. Zachary Shadan, fellow ninja.
Siblings: none
Place of origin: she was born in Tokyo, but she likes the land in Ohio, and west virginia
Medical info: has ADHD, and an allergy to wheat/gluten. She also has celiac disease and is completely blind in her left eye.
Personality:fun loving, daredevil, smart, pretty, dangerous, laughs a lot, isn't serious unless on the battle field. She always smiles an is kind and caring. She also loves to make noise and sing. She is also autistic
Talents: singing, sword fighting, writing songs, drawing landscapes, negotiating, gymnastics
Education: her education is all ninja based, and she is still learning.
Occupation: rogue demigod, assassin, mercenary,
Flaws: naïve, cant trust anyone besides fellow ninjas, scared of mice and is allergic to gluten, blind in her left eye
Powers: umbrakinesis. Can sense if someone important to her has died, or if someone nearby had died. Can summon Aztec or Mayan warriors from the afterworld once a day for 20 min and she can summon 3 undead at a time.
Abilities: Due to ninja training, she has enhanced strength and speed and cunning than a normal 15 year old. She is also immune to many types of psychological warfare and certain poisons. also because of her somewhat blindness her other senses are increased (hearing, touch, smell, taste)
Main weapons: Two obsidian ninjatos. Several steal or silver throwing stars (shrukins). A blowgun, with several types of darts. (mainly poison, normal, and blunt), bow and arrow (she rarely uses this other than grappling lines)
Other weapons/tools:grappling hooks, scythes, poison, daggers, red chili peppers, nunchucks
Clothing: When not in combat she prefers to wear blue jeans, a red tshirt, black band necklace and a white jacket. Or dark jeans, a long sleeve black tshirt and a charm necklace, with the charm being a skull.
Notes: although blind in her leg eye she is extremely talented in sword fighting that she enjoys doing it blindfolded
History: Mackenzie was born in late 1996 to a Japanese/American mother, who died in childbirth. Therefore, since her father was a god and couldn't look after her she was sent to an orphanage in the downtown section of Tokyo. However at the age of two she was adopted and taken to a dojo, high on mount Fuji. As she steadily grew and matured she learned that she was brought into a ninja clan, on the account that her mother had been a ninja of the same clan. By the age of 7 she was a black belt in many ways of martial arts and loved to beat up the boys, as she was one of the only girls in the dojo. But as she turned 8 she discovered she was blind in her left eye and turned to her master and leader, Snake eyes, for guidance since he was mute. When she turned 10 she met snake eyes brother, storm shadow and he taught her archery and other ranged combats, but away from the clan since he was banned. Throughout her training she took a likeness to snake eyes fighting style and armor and created her own version and also managed to get extra training time. She was well liked as she had a very energetic and kind personality, but when it came to combat she was all business. She met snake eyes fiancé 'scarlet' O'hara and they became good friends. She loved to sing in the dojo and everyone, especially a student named Zachary loved her songs. She also participated in gymnastics and other sports. When she turned 13 she managed to discover her powers of the dead and managed to understand and be able to control them only a year later, on her 14th birthday. She always was around snake eyes, whether they were training or not and she considered him an older brother, and unfortunately storm shadow too. She left when she turned 15, so that she could explore the world, but she always visited. And before she left snake eyes allowed her to see his scarred and burned face. A site only she and scarlet would see.
RP Example: the cold wind of mount Fuji batted me around as I rappelled the rope to the ground. I couldn't help but smile as I left the dojo in te midst of night. I thought back to the last thing my mentor, and adopted brother had signed. It was hope for good times....and I knew what he meant. I continued to clamber down the rocky face, as my backpack whacked agains my back. I smiled and put my blindfold on as I hit the ground. Even without eyes I could tell where I was. It wasn't hard to decide by the path of the wind and the chills of snow. I then started to walk slowly towards tokyo, barely making a sound


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