My charrie form #1!!!

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My charrie form #1!!! Empty My charrie form #1!!!

Post by Kat the Bat on Sun Feb 10, 2013 4:14 pm

Full name: Elizabeth Cynthia Larson
Age: 15
Grade: Sophmore
Godly parent: Apollo
Mortal parent: Salli Larson
Hair: Long, blonde, straight, razored
Eyes: Big and hazel
Distinguishing marks?: (If I understand this question correctly) She's really tall. She likes to wear denim shorts and a light blue tank top.
Personality: Kind of quiet, smart and shy.
Weapon: a small mase and chain.
Country of origin: Switzerland
Flaws(three): She stays inside her mind too often, she likes to judge others, is terrified of the dark.
Talents: Singing, playing insturments, and she's very nimble.
History: She lived in Switzerland for a long time. She moved when she was 5. Her mother never married, so it's just her and her mom at home. She never got along well with her mom. Somewhere deep down, she knows its her fault, but is too proud to admit it.
Rp example: I walked through the halls, my books clenched to my chest. Other people could afford backbacks. I couldn't. I sat down at my desk. My feet were killing me because my shoes were too small. Other people could afford new shoes. I couldn't. I looked down at my nails that I had been biting. They were unpainted and rough. Other people could afford nail polish and manucures. I couldn't. But still, I looked at these poor fools and smiled. They were the people I had to be with, so I decided to be happy with my fate.
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My charrie form #1!!! Empty Re: My charrie form #1!!!

Post by Zach on Sun Feb 10, 2013 8:29 pm better in the future

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