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Post by Zach on Mon Feb 18, 2013 1:18 am

Full name: Markus Patrick
Age: 15 (born 9/9/97
Grade: Freshman in high school, so 9. Has the IQ of a 11th grader though
Godly parent: Athena, goddess of wisdom, crafts, architecture, and battle strategy
Mortal parent: Steve Patrick
Hair: His hair is a very dark shade of brown, often confused with being black. He keeps his hair short, like a military styled buzz cut.
Eyes: He has hazel/brown eyes.
Distinguishing marks?: A foot long scar that runs along his left upper leg.
Personality: Kind, generous, holds anger well, good tactician, smart, funny
Powers: Photographic memory, can impersonate anyone he has been with for a straight hour
Weapon: A Celestial bronze claymore, and a hunting knife as well.
Country of origin: Virginia, USA
Flaws(three): Afraid of losing the people and things he loves the most. Highly scared of needles. Very self conscious about his leg.
Talents: natural born leader. Good at impressions. Architecture, engineering, building, fishing, hunting, exploration.

History: Markus was born in 1997 and grew up in Richmond Virginia, for most of his life. At an early age he showed a skill for mathematics and leadership, and became a very good student, always listening, obeying the rules, and so on. He moved when he was 13 to the demigod village and dated a cheerleader for some time before he was dumped. Since then he has had a crush on BJ. He's also an enemy of AZULA, and makenzie

Rp example: I was walking towards the library, minding my own business as I held the large volumes of architecture. I was returning these books, I didn't need them anymore now because of my impressive memory. I was about to enter the library when I stopped. Across the street was one if the hottest girls I had ever seen. I made a mental note to follow her later, but for now I had work to do. I entered the library and walked over to the help desk. After a brief chat I returned the books and went off to find more.

Makenzie lee pagano Frazier, age 16, daughter of ah puch, sophomore, half blind

Tony stark, age 36, son of athena, occasional teacher, married to Marilyn Monroe

Markus Patrick, age 15, freshman, son of athena, single

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