I'm your venus, I'm your fire, yoour desire!

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I'm your venus, I'm your fire, yoour desire!

Post by Monroe on Sat Feb 16, 2013 10:03 am

Name:Alexis Lopez
Age: 17
Gender: female
Birthdate: September 14, 1996
Place of birth: Brooklyn, New York

Style: Shorts or jeans, tank tops and spiked heels
Hair: blonde
Weight: she actually has no weight of that's hard to believe. She doesn't gain or lose weight.
Body Type: hour glass
Skin Color: Caremark

Mythology: Greek
How many years have they been at their camp?: 3
God Parent(only for demigods): Venus
Mortal Parent(only for demigods): Alex Lopez
Mother(only for legacies):
Father(only for legacies):
Godly Granparent(only for legacies):Descent of Zeus
Powers: Amokinesis and when she gets hurt( Anything that can scar her) she can heal and get rid of any scars especially in her face. She can attract people. She can change her appaearance hair/eye color, minor magic(Involving love and defense) and All limited to five times a day.

Flaws(at least 2): She's afraid of dying and a little crazy
Biography(seven sentence):
In Crooklyn, I mean Brooklyn, New York lives a Latin gangster named Alex. Alex made the woman Swoon over him. He was handsome and he used it to the best of his abilities. It's how his record is so clean. Venus wanted him like every other woman, so she changed her appearance to the woman Alex dreamed of. Venus acted like she didn't want him even though she did. Once Alex caught her attention they got together and well... Here's the baby. Venus named her Alexis which meant beautiful in Spanish. Alex wanted a boy because he wasn't sure how to raise a girl but he raised Alexis like he would raise a boy. Alex taught Alexis the way of the streets. Alexis was like her father except she was kind. She did a lot of activities in school like cheer leading but when she was in her neighborhood she was in a lot. She fought girls at age nine and the older she got the more drama she was in. Mostly because of the girls who were jealous of her. Alexis was slightly crazy which surprised the satyr that took her to the demigod village.
RP Example(four sentences): Alexis grabbed the girl by the hair and dragged her down the alley. People followed with phones and other devices to record Alexis." You ain't never met someone like me!" Alexis yelled as she punched the girl in the face. It made people gasp because there was a completely different side to the sweet girl.

Notes: She has a ring that can cover her in Pink and black Roman armor.

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Re: I'm your venus, I'm your fire, yoour desire!

Post by Zach on Mon Feb 18, 2013 1:24 am

She needs a personality

Makenzie lee pagano Frazier, age 16, daughter of ah puch, sophomore, half blind

Tony stark, age 36, son of athena, occasional teacher, married to Marilyn Monroe

Markus Patrick, age 15, freshman, son of athena, single

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