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Post by Jasmino123 on Sat Feb 16, 2013 8:32 am

Full name: Luke Ross (renamed Luke Anthony Stark... When we rp that bit XD)
Age: 14
Grade: 9th
Godly parent: Athena (legacy charrie so actually she's his grandma)
Mortal parent: tony stark (zachs charrie XD)
Hair: blonde/brown, same style as his dads
Eyes: brown like his dad
Distinguishing marks?: does the arc he has count? XD
Powersners: none, he is powerless
Personality: sarcastic
Weapon: he just happens to also have a suit...
Country of origin: America
Flaws(three): egocentric, he's effectively powered by a battery, over emotional, terrible at doing as he's told
Talents: good at designing things, good at building the things he designs and good public speaker
History: Luke was born when his dad was 18, but the board decided to hide his existence from Tony because they believed Tony wasn't ready to be a father. Luke lived with his 'dad' who worked for Stark, until his father was murdered. According to his fathers will, hi new legal guardian was Tony Stark. He was kidnapped and seriously injured in an explosion, suffering from the same wound as tony so he also had to have an arc. However tony struggled to make the replacement core that works instead of the palladium core and when tony looked in Luke's dads 'x' file, he found a video from Luke's dad, and a video of a meeting from 14 years ago discussing what would happen to Luke (his name wasn't mentioned). Tony went and visited the final living member of the meeting, Reuben Heer who told tony that his child's name was Luke Ross. Finally after six months in a coma Luke awoke to find out that his whole life had been a lie and that he was really the son of Tony stark.
Rp example:
I went to the place I'd first met kenzie and cried before putting my head under the water. Tony came down and dragged me out of the water "don't do that" he said.
"Leave me alone!" I shouted at him tears running down my face.
"Why?" He asked me as he held me above the floor
"Because you're the only guy who cares about my bloody life!" I snapped
"Yeah. I'm your dad Luke"
"bet I'm the worst thing that's happened to you since you got that" I pointed at his arc
"Actually. You and my arc are the best things"
I laughed bitterly "funny how our points of view differ."
Tony nodded "yeah"
"Now put me down and go away"
"So you can die? No"
"I died a long time ago, in that stupid coma!"
"Your still alive Luke"
"no. I am. Luke Ross he never woke up, all I am is a monster... Like you"
"I am not a monster" tony said
"Say that enough times and you might start to believe it"
"Every night in front if the mirror"
"tony put me down... Please" I begged him
"Because the one thing you didn't want to happen has happened. I've become just like you, a jerk"
"You can change Luke"
"not in her eyes" I sighed "I hit someone who I knew couldnt fight back just because I was angry"
Tony nodded "you have to try your best"
"It wasn't just anyone, it was BJ. I hit the calmest and nicest person I know the same way as anyone else would hit a punch bag "
Tony sighed "don't die" he let go
I hit the ground "I'll be back. I don't know when, tell kenzie I love her and appologise to BJ for me"
Tony nodded
I got up and walked away "don't get yourself killed while I'm gone!" I called back. Then I left


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Post by Zach on Mon Feb 18, 2013 1:26 am


Makenzie lee pagano Frazier, age 16, daughter of ah puch, sophomore, half blind

Tony stark, age 36, son of athena, occasional teacher, married to Marilyn Monroe

Markus Patrick, age 15, freshman, son of athena, single

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