My First Charrriieeee (:

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My First Charrriieeee (: Empty My First Charrriieeee (:

Post by The_Short_One on Sun Feb 10, 2013 10:36 pm

Full name:Salem Marie Honeycutt
Godly parent:Athena
Mortal parent:Jordan Honeycutt
Hair: Like a Cocoa brown
Distinguishing marks?:A normal outfit for her would be a cute but cool black leather jacket, a girly shirt underneath,cute jeans,sperrys,toms,or uggs. She has a small scar about the length of a fingernail right on her jaw, shes 4'9 so shes short for her age
Personality:Independent, Keeps to herself most times, sort of shy, she can occasionally be wild, deep deep down shes really fun and loud
Weapon:A CB sword
Country of origin:Washington DC
Flaws(three):She's realllllly shy,she doesnt trust people easily...AT ALL,she has a bad habit of biting her lip
Talents:School,Sword fighting
History:Salem was always a quiet kid and yes she was a nerd mind you. Everybody always picked on her for being so short and so she became insecure. One day she got her life threatened by some jerk and people laughed at her even more. Mainly because the kid wasnt that strong at all. She keeps to herself now and doesnt exactly open up to many people although she likes to open up to new experiences. Nobody's really liked her anyways but shes grown accustomed to it. Her dad had always encouraged her to go out and make friends and she HAS tried its just she was kind of bad at it. The only person who really got her moved away to China. Shes pretty much been alone ever since.
Rp example:I walked down the hallway, my binder pressed close to me. "GOD MOVE OUT OF MY WAY SHORTY." said some kid who shoved me into a locker. I stood there. Its not like I was about to go after them. "WHY ARE YOU AT MY LOCKER FREAK!?" said this jerk of kid named Kyle. "I-I was pushed." "Of course you were now move!" I tried to move from my spot but I couldnt. "I cant move"I say with a frown. He sneered "Hahahaha wanna know why?" he asked slapping my binder down from my hands,my papers going everywhere "BECAUSE we GLUED you there!Have a nice life loser!" Kyle took all of my papers,ripped them up and threw them away. "HELP!" I scream "Help me!"I say feeling the hot tears coming down my face "Somebody."

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My First Charrriieeee (: Empty Re: My First Charrriieeee (:

Post by Zach on Mon Feb 18, 2013 1:20 am

APPRIVED! And want to post? I have markus open

Makenzie lee pagano Frazier, age 16, daughter of ah puch, sophomore, half blind

Tony stark, age 36, son of athena, occasional teacher, married to Marilyn Monroe

Markus Patrick, age 15, freshman, son of athena, single

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